Youth Safety is Our #1 Priority. 

Now and Always.

Our deepest commitment is to our Club Members and we recognize the importance of transparency with our families, partners and communities.  


We believe in fostering spaces that are equipped with trained and caring professionals, comprehensive safety policies, and the tools needed to ensure that every child feels safe when they walk into our Clubs.



  • Innovation- we encourage new ideas, perspectives and processes with the goal toward efficiency, productivity and effectiveness.

  • Excellence- we strive to deliver quality programs and services, rigorously measure impact, and seek continuous improvement.

  • Fun- we foster a work environment which establishes universal enjoyment; we also seek to ensure our youth are having engaging and entertaining experiences while at our facilities.

  • Family- we encourage, support and celebrate each other’s successes while promoting a healthy work-life balance.

  • Integrity- we are authentic, respectful, honest, transparent, and always strive to do the right thing every day, every time.

BGC Gloucester Certificate of Completion 2021 Training.jpg

Certified in the Safety Improvement Network