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Our Beginings

Paulsboro Club

In 2002, Assemblyman John Burzichelli organized a group of 50 local businesses, concerned citizens, and Clergy to open the Boys & Girls Club of Paulsboro.  The town donated the Old Italian American Club at 916 Penn Line Road.  Senator Steve Sweeney organized a group of volunteers led by then-Governor Jon Corzine and his staff to renovate the facility. Local businesses, most notably Paulsboro Refinery, led by Karen Hill, helped organize this grass roots effort and ready the facility for the young people it would soon serve.  Both Karen Hill and Jim Daloisio were original board members of the Paulsboro Club and they continue to actively serve on our board today.  Sam DeSimone, a prominent area lawyer and District Judge, chaired the first Board of Directors to govern the new organization.

Glassboro Club

In that same year, a similar call was made by Alvin Shpeen, then Mayor of Glassboro and County Prosecutor.  Unfortunately, Alvin died suddenly before he could see the Boys & Girls Club of Glassboro open in 2003.  Dan Dalton, a lifelong resident of Glassboro, former Secretary of State and local insurance company owner, put together a group to start the Glassboro Club in Alvin’s honor.  From 2002 – 2005 Dan chaired the Board of Directors and remains an active member of our board today.  Joe Brigandi, also a lifelong resident of Glassboro, County Freeholder, City Councilman and Glassboro Business Administrator, served as Vice Chair from 2002-2005. The Club was first housed in some trailers behind the Glassboro Middle School and within a year a new location was established in a section of the County Library at 2 Center St. Glassboro, NJ. Other founding members of the Glassboro Club included Bob Zazzali, Pattie Owens and Theresa DiVietro. Bob and Pattie are still board members to this day while Theresa famously orchestrated the biggest fundraisers in the early history of the organization with the “Happening on High” fundraising events.

The Merger: Boys & Girls Clubs of Gloucester County

In 2005, these two organizations- one in Paulsboro and the other in Glassboro- merged to form the Boys & Girls Clubs of Gloucester County (BGCGC) with the administrative building located in Glassboro and Club locations remaining in Glassboro and Paulsboro. 

Board Chairs Through The Years


Katie McGee

Katie has brought new energy to the organization overseeing such achievements as the refurbishing of both the Glassboro and Paulsboro Clubs, with much help from County Freeholder Heather Simmons and construction expert Jay Cipriani (who is also a member of the board). During Katie’s tenure, working closely with CEO Patti Withington, our Club has had the distinct honor of selecting a Youth of the Year who went on to win the state title and then the title for the entire Northeast Region of the country. Eventually, she finished as a finalist in the national Youth of the Year competition!

Our Accomplishments

2019 Youth of the Year

A product of the Woodbury Teen Center and later Paulsboro’s Boys & Girls Club, Nzingha R. is one of the finest examples of the impact the BGCGC can make on a young person.

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