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Health & Life Skills:

To promote healthy lifestyles, our members learn positive behaviors and how to resist peer pressure in order to nurture their own wellbeing and help them become successful adults. They also learn how to set and achieve personal goals, and how to live successfully as an adult.

Passport to Manhood:

The passage from boyhood to manhood is challenging, requiring adolescent males to understand and manage many issues and transitions. Passport to Manhood addresses critical issues that young men between the ages of 11–14 face during this time, such as ethics, decision making, wellness, fatherhood, employment and careers, cooperation and conflict, diversity, relationships and self-esteem.

SMART Girls:

Adolescent girls in our society face a multitude of temptations and unique problems that require special support. Female Club members need a safe setting in which they can address health and social issues unique to them and build the necessary skills to resist negative influences such as drugs, alcohol and premature sexual activity. SMART Girls helps girls from 8-17 years of age to develop and adopt a healthy attitude and lifestyle, as well as acquire and maintain a positive self-concept, sound decision-making skills and mentor relationships.

Healthy Habits:

Healthy Habits emphasizes good nutrition, regular physical activity and improved overall well-being.

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