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A Great Week at Summer Camp!

We had a great week at #SummerCamp at our Paulsboro Club! Our Paulsboro Club Girl Scouts aged 8-11 learned trust, respect, and confidentiality at their troop meeting this week. Next week, they will start the book, "Becoming Me" by Michelle Obama! Our 5-7 year old Girl Scouts made friendship bracelets during their first troop meeting! Our 5-6 year old Club members took music class with Ms. Z and learned about rhythm with the bongo drums. Our NJ tutors continued to teach math from their new math books, number lines, and did some brain puzzles. Everyone is enjoying their programs! Our oldest class went swimming and five of our students passed the swim test! We're so excited to update you all with the rest of the activities we have planned for #BGCGCSummer!

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